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Primera, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters: Bel Air, Maryland


Category: Turf & Course Suppliers


Jeff Braun, Chief Executive Officer

John Smith, VP of Supplier Relations

Samantha Miller, VP of Member Excellence

Morgan Cothern, Cooperative Services Manager

Primera is a nationwide business cooperative that has a dedicated focus on the golf industry, along with the lawn care, ornamental, greenhouse, and pest control  markets.

Co-ops like Primera were created to solve the dilemma that some large businesses face: the difficulty in providing both good and personalized service to customers. Primera is a group of more than 50 independent distributors – both at a national and regional level – all of which are member-owners who collaborate with best-in-class supplier partners to drive market growth and provide best-in-class service to end users.

Primera is committed to providing leading technologies and advantaged opportunities to distributors, users, and manufacturers within the golf world and other markets it serves, pooling their collective volumes, purchasing power and economies of scale to benefit its member companies. Its distributors consolidate purchasing across the United States to provide national access, dedicated service, product expertise, and local touch.

PrimeraTurf, Inc., was founded in 2000 and changed its name to Primera, Inc., in 2016 to reflect the depth of its market expansion. It has more than 590 branch locations.

Owners benefit from enhanced access to, and knowledge of, the newest available products and technologies – something a local, independent company generally wouldn’t have. They also benefit from the economies of scale that come with being part of a large, national network of companies.

Meanwhile, manufacturers profit from greater market share, growth, and brand support. Superintendents benefit from lower prices and better information, yet still get the attention and service that only a local independent can provide.

As facilities benefit from the access and knowledge Primera provides, consumers, in turn, realize the benefits of well-conditioned courses.


Why has a co-op like Primera been popular with superintendents making purchases? It starts with customer service. Primera’s owners are largely local, so there’s a focus on building long-term relationships and success – not just making a one-time sale.

Manufacturers are able to educate Primera’s owner companies, who, in turn, pass that knowledge along to their customers. With an abundance of new products and technologies constantly coming to the market, it can be a challenge for small, independent businesses to stay abreast of the latest information. Being affiliated with co-ops like Primera becomes a major advantage, as owners and superintendents benefit from their pooled products and procurement, local knowledge, and superior customer service backed by the industry’s leading supplier partners.

New products and technologies are constantly being introduced, and Primera’s Co-Op model enables Superintendents and their teams to capitalize on Primera’s ability to deploy resources locally, consolidate buying power, provide superior distribution, and develop and help train talent to help achieve on-course results.

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