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Corporate Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland


Category: Turf & Course Suppliers


Mark Birchmore, Global Turf Business Manager
Michael Parkin, Head, Professional Solutions 
Scott Reasons, Head, Turf and Landscape 
Dave Ravel, Head of Sales, North America, Turf and Landscape
Tripp Trotter, Head of Marketing, North America,  Golf, Lawn and Ornamentals Manager

Syngenta, a global agriculture leader that provides essential inputs to growers — crop protection, seeds, seed treatments and traits — has also been a market leader in the golf industry for more than three decades.

Headquartered in Switzerland with a prominent U.S. base in North Carolina, Syngenta creates innovative turf management solutions for golf courses around the world, helping operators and superintendents deal with a multitude of agronomic stresses such as pests, heat, drought, traffic and shade.

At the same time, Syngenta works closely with golf’s leading organizations and businesses with a shared goal of delivering sustainable business growth and a vibrant, viable game for the future.

Quite literally investing in golf from the ground up, Syngenta has put a focus on playability, productivity and sustainability.

With industry leading fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and plant growth regulators as well as nearly 50 agronomic programs across turf types, the Syngenta portfolio offers proven tools for managing biotic and abiotic stress year after year.

Beyond its products, Syngenta is actively involved in a wide-ranging assortment of programs, initiatives and research to benefit the industry. Primary areas of focus, as detailed at, are:


When it comes to turf management in the golf world, Syngenta is an unquestioned global leader in the industry, creating tailored agronomic programs based on region, grass type, stresses and individual need – many of which vary year to year.

Syngenta is also extremely active in its golf research initiatives, having conducted major global studies in recent years on topics such as junior golf and the economic opportunity of increased female participation in golf. The company continually maintains an intense focus on growing golf, on the course and off.

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