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May 2023 National Rounds Played

Rounds of golf for May 2023 were up 10% compared to a year ago, buoyed again by strong turnout in the Northeast and Midwest U.S.

Entering June, national rounds are up 5.5% versus the same five-month period in 2022, a year that finished among the top four all-time in total rounds played.

This May marks a rebound from a year ago, when play was down 7% for the month.

With precipitation down fairly significantly YOY in several prominent golf-rich regions, play levels increased.

  • +22%     Mid-Atlantic  (Precipitation -76%)
  • +19%     West North Central  (Precipitation -31%)
  • +15%     East North Central  (Precipitation -49%)

NGF provides facility-level rounds data to Golf Datatech in helping compile the free, monthly play reports on behalf of the golf industry. Click the image below to see the full three-page report. ⬇


For a historical archive of monthly rounds-played reports, CLICK HERE

National Rounds Played
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