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October 2018

Giving Back to Golf

PGA TOUR Superstore has one of the strongest trajectories in the game, with plans to hit 50 locations by 2020. The company is also focusing on introducing more people to the game, increasing participation and enhancing engagement.

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The ROI on Course Renovations

The biggest form of investment for golf facilities over the past decade — and particularly since the Great Recession — has been course restorations and renovations. So, just what are these properties seeing in return?

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Eddy Lui – 18Birdies, CEO and Founder

Q&A with Eddy Lui, who founded mobile golf technology company 18Birdies in 2011 after a successful career building and growing technology startups. The platform is one of the fastest-growing technologies in golf.

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Destination Golf

In an era when land is becoming increasingly valuable near major metropolitan centers, many golfers are eager to get off the beaten path to find great golf. Here’s a look at how some of these destination properties have found success.

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August 2018 National Rounds Played

Rounds-played for August 2018 were down 1.6% year-over-year on a national level. With heavier precipitation levels affecting courses across the country for much of this year, rounds-played for 2018 are down 2.7 percent from the same point in 2017.

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NGF Releases Golf Media Report on Consumer Engagement

The NGF’s latest Golf Media Report examines the widespread nature of golf media and explores the demographics of consumers who engage with the game on TV, in print and online.

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NGF Research Snapshot: What Are Golfers Buying?

From clubs and bags to balls and shoes, here is what golfers have spent their money on in the past year.

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