Kevin McLendon

Director - NGF DIRECT

Colleagues like to refer to me as NGF’s direct marketing “guru.” While there’s nothing wrong with that title, our work for clients could also be described as “common sense” marketing. Every relationship starts with thorough dive into a client’s business with a focus on how they make money. Then we apply sound marketing strategies against NGF’s uniquely targeted databases to help clients acquire more new customers and of course, make more money. Simple, right? For most golf businesses, we‘ve learned that “more money” actually means “less problems” and it’s a pleasure to go to work for so many clients that view NGF DIRECT as a true partner in their success. In his 15 years at NGF, Kevin has developed NGF’s database and direct marketing services into a thriving business for NGF. Kevin holds a B.A. from Furman University and an M.B.A. from Florida Atlantic University. Kevin is a sports enthusiast, golfer and skier. He and his wife spend most weekends chasing after their 3 young boys.



All Time Favorite Player

Ty Webb

What's Your Miss?

It's a 2-way miss. FORE!

If You Had Your Choice of Any Other Job in the Golf Industry?

The "BOOYA" guy heard out on TOUR

Favorite Sports Movie?

Super Bowl XLII


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