Ted “Hollywood” Eleftheriou

Vice President of Player Development and Engagement

Be Good to People... Be Good for People... Be Good with People... Three personal guiding principles that have provided me a rich history of personal and professional experiences. Experiences which include, working as a Systems Programmer for General Electric. Playing in “metal” bands since the age of 14. Becoming a freelance producer in the film industry. Becoming a PGA member and overseeing the creation and operation of 41 Nike Golf Learning Centers. Owning and teaching at my own successful golf academies. Working for the PGA of America, creating and delivering workshops that assisted professionals and business owners grow their businesses by recognizing and delivering value. And of course, I love being part of the NGF team where I continue to grow personally and professionally and where I’m provided the opportunity to use my unique talents, experiences and personal guiding principles at NGF as it redefines the future business of golf.


4-6 Depending on how many “gimmies” I’m given

Dream Foursome

Tom Brady, Bill Murray, Eddie Van Halen

What's Your First Golf Memory

Caddying for a professional magician. He tried showing me the rope trick where he cut the rope into three pieces, stuffed it into his palm, then pulled it out all as one piece again. Except it didn't work…

If You Could Play Anywhere in the World?


All Time Favorite Player

Ben Hogan


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