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Who We Are

The National Golf Foundation exists to foster the growth and vitality of the game and business of golf.

We Believe in Creating a Smarter, More-Energized Golf Industry.

The NGF is a community of individuals and golf businesses committed to being the most well-informed advocates for the growth of the industry.

With the world’s largest research team dedicated to golf, NGF provides members with the most accurate and objective insights on the game. We help golf businesses better understand their market and grow their businesses. The NGF is the only association for everyone in golf, and we advocate for growth by educating and connecting our members.

Our People

NGF’s staff includes the world’s largest full-time research team dedicated to the business of golf.

Our Members

The NGF is trusted by the most successful and significant organizations in golf, with a network of connections that extends across all verticals within the industry.

Board of Directors

The NGF’s Board is comprised of leaders from many sectors of the industry, a diversity that brings broad perspective to our work.


For more than 80 years, the NGF has continually evolved to provide resources and guidance that has helped foster the growth and vitality of the golf business.