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Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, our staff is united in their passion for the game and their dedication to providing the industry, our members and our clients with golf business information and insights they can count on.

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About Adam

Adam Roland

Business Resource Consultant
About Cindi

Cindi Cronk

Business Manager and Executive Member Concierge
About Clark

Clark Brown

Director of Research
About David

David Berg

Director of MIS
About David

David Lorentz

Chief Research Officer
About Donna

Donna Simulenas

Database Manager
About Edward

Edward Getherall

Director of Consulting Services
About Erik

Erik Matuszewski

Editorial Director
About Grant

Grant Ruple

Director of Research
About Greg

Greg Nathan

Chief Business Officer
About Jodi

Jodi Reilly

Research and Consulting Services Office Administrator
About Joe

Joe Beditz

President and CEO
About Katrina

Katrina Boyd

Database Services Associate
About Kevin

Kevin McLendon

Director - NGF DIRECT
About Kim

Kim Isom

Chief Financial Officer
About Lance

Lance Parmar

Database Associate
About Lois

Lois Moore

MIS & Quality Assurance Analyst
About Marc

Marc Blatchley

Director of Member Services & Marketing
About Natasha

Natasha Gieros

Digital Marketing Coordinator
About Nora

Nora McGovern

About Pascal

Pascal Poirier

International Database Associate
About Richard

Richard Singer

Senior Director of Consulting Services
About Ryan

Ryan Crace

Research Associate
About Sandi

Sandi Williams

Member Services Administrator
About Ted

Ted “Hollywood” Eleftheriou

Vice President of Player Development and Engagement

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