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Corporate Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina


Category: Turf & Course Suppliers


Gilles Galliou, CEO

Mark Schneid, Head of Environmental Science Americas

Envu is the company formerly known as Bayer Environmental Science, which for years has provided fungicide, herbicide, and insecticide solutions to keep golf course turf healthy and strong.

A year after Bayer announced its intent to sell its Environmental Science business division, which serves the golf, lawn and landscape, pest control, production ornamental and vegetation management markets, London-based private equity firm Cinven agreed to purchase the environmental science business division for $2.6 billion in spring 2022.

Shortly after, Envu was announced as the new name of the standalone company, with Bayer veteran Gilles Galliou taking over as CEO as it relaunched in the U.S. market.

“Bayer Environmental Science has been a great ride with a great history,” Gaillou said at the time. “Envu is now the reference. This is who we are.”

The personnel, products, distribution pipeline and network that established Bayer as an industry stalwart remained largely intact, with customers likely noticing little change other than branding.

The company’s golf products and resources make the superintendent’s job easier, helping to prevent and control weeds and diseases, while also putting an end to unwanted insects. The end result is greener turf and happier golfers.


Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and growth regulators are not the sexiest parts of the golf business. Yet, without them, golf courses are at the mercy of weeds, insects, disease, and the dreaded nematodes – the microscopic worms that feed on turfgrass roots and prevent them from soaking in water and nutrients.

The name has changed — Bayer to ENVU — but the mission remains the same: offering courses the products they need to keep turf healthy and strong, along with the latest information and advice to help superintendents succeed as well.

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