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Corporate Headquarters: Englewood, Colorado

Website: http://www.golftec.com

Category: Retail


Mike Ishizaka – Chairman
Joe Assell – Co-founder and CEO
Jeremy Beck – COO
Jon Marquardt – CFO
Chris Kuebrich – SVP Marketing

GOLFTEC is a world leader in the golf lesson and club fitting industry driven by the simple mission to “help people play better golf.” Founded in Denver, Colorado in 1995, GOLFTEC utilized advanced technology and fact-based instruction on its way to becoming one the fastest growing companies in the golf industry with over 200 locations around the world.

With over 25 five years in the industry, GOLFTEC has taught around 10 million lessons and boasts a 96% success rate which can be attributed to its individualized coaching strategy led by experienced golf professionals, most of whom are PGA professionals.

A student tries to figure out if a particular club is right for him, at a GOLFTEC training location. (Photo courtesy: GOLFTEC)


The company’s combination of 700-plus highly trained coaches with a proprietary teaching technology has led to measurable results. All coaches go through GOLFTEC’s rigorous multi-week certification where they master the analysis of golf mechanics, GOLFTEC training system technology, and the most productive teaching techniques. This development process has led to many GOLFTEC coaches being recognized by the PGA and Golf Digest for their expertise in the industry.

In addition to GOLFTEC’s success as a golf instruction provider, it’s established itself as one of the nation’s premier custom club fitting providers. GOLFTEC recently received significant recognition when 47 of its centers were named in Golf Digest’s list of America’s Best Clubfitters for 2021-2022.

With over 200 locations around the world, GOLFTEC makes it easy to find a facility near you. (Photo credit: GOLFTEC)


In 2022, GOLFTEC acquired SkyTrak, the No. 1 consumer launch monitor and simulator, and with it more opportunity to provide golfers with the data and insights needed to track performance, have more fun and play better golf.

As part of the acquisition, GOLFTEC is investing in enhancing the current SkyTrak user experience as well as creating new, innovative solutions that leverage coaching, data, and digital platforms to deliver a GOLFTEC improvement experience to a broader segment of golfers around the world.

“We’re combining two companies that understand how data and personalized coaching can truly accelerate a person’s journey to better golf,” said GOLFTEC CEO and co-founder Joe Assell. “As we look to the future, and in conjunction with our parent company GDO, we’re excited about delivering an improvement experience that goes beyond the traditional GOLFTEC Training Bay and helps people improve with GOLFTEC anywhere.”


GOLFTEC has been one of the golf industry’s most successful stories over the past two-plus decades, with much of its success due to students becoming loyal ambassadors for the brand. With over half a million lessons taught per year and more than 200 locations — both corporate-owned and franchise-owned — GOLFTEC’s trajectory is one of the strongest in the sport – a clear indication that improving golfers are indeed happier golfers.

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