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Corporate Headquarters: Collierville, Tennessee


Category: Turf & Course Suppliers


Mike McCarty, Owner/President

Jennifer Williams, Head of Finance

Helena Agri-Enterprises has become one of the nation’s foremost golf distributors, providing products and services that help courses from tee to green and beyond.

The company, founded in 1957 and headquartered outside of Memphis, offers a wide range of fertilizers, bionutritionals, wetting agents, spray adjuvants and herbicides, as well as offering soil testing and plant tissue analysis to match agronomic needs with the right products. Helena works with superintendents and facility operators to develop an agronomic program designed to meet specific needs and achieve desired results.

The company is also a direct distributor for key manufacturers in golf course turf care, among them Atticus, BASF, Bayer, Corteva, FMC, NuFarm, PBI Gordon, Quali-Pro, SePRO, and Syngenta.


In addition, Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC is one of the foremost agronomic solutions providers in the U.S., marketing and selling inputs that improve agricultural productivity for greater customer returns. This includes seed and seed treatments, fertilizer and application services, crop protectants, financial services and precision ag services. Helena also has its own line of products through Helena Products Group, which includes adjuvants, crop protection products, fertilizers, crop production products and seed treatments.

Helena has more than 450 sales locations across the country in areas where agriculture is the dominant industry.


It turns out combining knowledgeable, experienced professionals with friendly customer service yields innovative, proven formulations and the information that turf care specialists need to maximize benefits of our products.

In addition to distributing a wide range of inputs from basic manufacturers and other companies that supply the specialty industry, Helena has an impressive line of its own products, helping maintain a reputation for industry excellence. The company’s theme, “People… Products…Knowledge…” drives its commitment to customers — and providing effective produces along with valuable knowledge to help courses continue to succeed.

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