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Sunbelt Rentals

Corporate Headquarters: Fort Mill, South Carolina


Category: Turf & Course Suppliers


Brendan Horgan – CEO / President

Fred Ransom – Vice President

Brad Lull – EVP, Central Operations

The second largest equipment rental company in the United States, Sunbelt continues to garner a bigger and bigger foothold in the golf industry with the current uptick in course renovations and improvements, not to mention how costly everyday equipment is when it comes to a golf facility’s annual budget.

With a vast network of locations across North America, including 35 U.S. states, and an expansive portfolio of products and services, Sunbelt has solutions to support any job and is constantly advancing the idea of how golf courses (and other businesses) can best serve their customers as well as local communities and the environment more broadly.

The USGA’s Green Section Record says the typical 18-hole golf course can require upwards of a hundred different pieces of equipment for maintenance and conditioning. Sunbelt notes that strategically leveraging equipment rentals can reduce course maintenance and management costs, whether an owner or operator is performing routine course upkeep or reconstructing any number of holes.

For facilities or companies involved in construction or renovation projects — from new cart paths to new greens — Sunbelt boasts a fleet of industrial vehicles, material handlers, skid steer loaders and more. And when it comes to course upkeep, Sunbelt can help with utility vehicles, lawn and landscape equipment such as tractors and edgers, and tool needs such as blowers and chain saws.

Beyond that, the company can service more specialized rental needs that golf facilities might need during certain projects, from ground protection and climate control services, to mobile elevating work platforms, power and HVAC services, pump solutions and trailers. With more than 1,100 locations nationwide, Sunbelt is able to deliver and pick up course equipment at an operator’s convenience.


Golf courses require a lot of costly equipment to run, build and maintain.

It’s why an increasing number of owners, operators, construction companies and golf architecture firms are opting to rent equipment instead for necessary work — both everyday and project-specific. And Sunbelt, as the second-largest equipment rental company in the country, has seized on this niche to grow its relevance and grab the leading market share in the U.S. golf market.

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