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TRUE Sports

Corporate Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee


Category: Equipment


Chris Considine, President/Chief Executive Officer

Neal Haas, SVP, Engineering

Don Brown, VP, Marketing and Innovation

David Walker, General Manager, Golf Division

Jason Jenne, CFO

TRUE Sports, Inc., formerly known as True Temper Sports, Inc., is a company that manufactures equipment for golf, baseball, hockey, and lacrosse along with a line of athletic apparel. While the company has a diversified portfolio of products, they are best known for designing, manufacturing, and marketing premium caliber golf shafts.

The Memphis-based company currently employs more than 1,000 people in 10 facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and Australia.

TRUE Sports laid the foundation for its golf shaft engineering division as several forging companies – formally combined as the American Fork & Hoe Company, which was established in Ohio in 1903.


In the 1930s, when most golfers were still using hickory wood shafts, TRUE Sports arranged public displays at golf tournaments to promote its steel shafts. Not long after, the company had gained a significant share on the PGA TOUR. Byron Nelson’s legendary 1945 season – 18 tournament wins with a bag full of TRUE Sports-shafted clubs – was a turning point in the industry, in fact.

Fast forwarding some 40 years, more than 95% of tour pros played TRUE Sports shafts in the 1980s. Those numbers aren’t much different today, as roughly 80% of players across the world’s most renowned tours play TRUE Sports shafts. TRUE Sports is renowned for its Dynamic Gold Shaft being the most successful shaft in the history of golf and still a popular option for both amateur and professional players. TRUE Sports also owns brands like Grafalloy, Project X, Aerotech, and Accra.

True Sports has continued to grow and develop even with its more than 100 years of success. It’s rebranding as TRUE Sports in 2019 has poised the company to continue its legacy as a premium sporting goods manufacturer — for golfers and a variety of other athletes.

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