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Ship Sticks

Corporate Headquarters: West Palm Beach, Florida

Website: http://www.shipsticks.com

Category: Miscellaneous


Nicholas Coleman – CEO

Geoff Skoch – Chief Operating Officer

Justin Metzl, Director of Marketing

Since 2011 Ship Sticks has been recreating the way golfers transport their golf bags and minimizing travel headaches along the route to cementing itself as a leader in the niche industry.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, the company allows users to coordinate club shipments to and from anywhere in the world as well as work directly with partnerships.

Ship Sticks has been able to secure volume discounts with companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL which allows the company to offer its services at roughly half the cost of what it would cost an individual to ship their clubs ahead of time on their own. Ship Sticks also presents an appealing alternative for golfers over lugging clubs through an airport and risking them being lost or damaged in transit.


The Ship Sticks process is a simple one: Customers schedule a shipment (online, through a partner facility, or by calling Ship Sticks), print a label, prepare their clubs, and then a carrier makes the pickup. When the golfer arrives at his or her destination, the sticks will already be there. For facilities, there’s little downside to partnering with Ship Sticks, save for perhaps the minimal hassle of receiving a golfer’s clubs and making sure they’re received.

The company is founded with the mission of making golf travel simpler and more affordable while removing the hassle of traveling with golf clubs. The company offers an on-time guarantee, shipment protection, and real-time tracking all while remaining a cost-effective options.

Two golf bags in travel bags and a Ship Sticks box... the company that provides the shipping.

The Best Way to Ship Golf Clubs

Since its founding in 2011, Ship Sticks has expanded into other niche markets with Ship Skis, Ship Go, and Ship Camps. Ship Sticks is able to use its preexisting knowledge of logistics and relationships to assist customers with travel needs across multiple niche markets.



Ship Sticks identified a pain point – losing clubs in transit or the hassle of lugging clubs through an airport – and formulated a solution that was both convenient and cost effective. With shipping options starting at $45, Ship Sticks found continued success as they continue to grow. By making the transport of golf clubs easier, Ship Sticks is seeking to provide a boost for the sport by increasing the number of participants and rounds-played.

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